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Help me pick a slap for the Remy Producers Series!

Hey guys,

I decided to enter in the Remy Producers Series Season 3 (West Coast Division) and I need your help!

The contest consists of a series of elimination beat battles & the winner gets some equipment, prizes, and gets to meet some Big music moguls.

For the preliminaries, they want (one) Party Track under 60seconds.

I had some throwaways I compiled together and I would like you to check them out and like All your favorites!

I have collectively 17 Tracks!

They each sound different.

& each one is under 60 seconds.

So if you have a cool free 15 mins or so to listen & like some cool party tracks, you’d be perfect!

I’ll enter The track with the most likes by this Friday!


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Thx and I appreciate you, always.


  • Jordan

Minecraft Misadventures Ep.2

Pilot Episode – Minecraft Misadventures Ep. 1

We have been MIA for a while but we back now wit a new series, hope u guys enjoy watching these as much as I did makin em. :p

LooseLeaf – June 1st, 2012

“All I really wanna do is give the Fam gifts on MY birthday..”

Nilla P – No Hommies (Prod. LooseLeaf)

Happy Valentines

After Much Anticipation LooseLeaf drops, Hope Things Get Better (Arguments With Tiffany)

Happy Valentines Day From: LooseLeaf

Download after the tracklist:

  1. Intro
  2. Arguments W/ Tiffany (Round 1)
  3. That Girl I See Sometimes
  4. On D. Brink
  5. Happy Valentine
  6. Pre-Class Quickie
  7. That Girl I See Sometimes Has Competition
  8. Arguments W/ Tiffany (Round 2 )
  9. Got Trees?
  10. Higher Than Mars (Smoke Break) Interlude
  11. Drop Bombs
  12. My Personal Pornstar
  13. Arguments W/ Tiffany (Round 3)
  14. End of The Day
  15. Outro

D/L below:

Alternate D/L: