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New Fitness & Health Channel on YouTube!

I would like to introduce you to my new fitness channel on YouTube. I’m going to be covering all sorts of new health discoveries and topics to help you get in shape this summer! Check it Out!

Martin Luther King Day

It is today that we honor one of History’s most remarkable civil rights leaders. Martin Luther King day is an holiday marking the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., which is actually observed on January 15th. President Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law in 1983. Some states resisted the holiday, but as of 2000, became recognized by all 50 states. Happy Martin Luther King day!

Happy Borthday James Earl Jones


happy birthday James Ear Jones, grew up on this. I saw him in a few other movies but never recognized him to be the voice of Mufasa, that’s awesome.

Beasts Of No Nation – (2015)



It’s Martin Luther King day and I thought a good way to recognize as we lead into black history month would be by reviewing a black movie I recently saw. (Beasts of No Nation) is an original Netflix film displaying some of the civil crisis going on in Africa. Starring Hollywood actor, Idris Alba, as the leading general of a force of refugees avoiding execution. This movie brings great awareness to those combatants in the African battle grounds. I would recommend this movie with a rating of 3.5 for good screenplay, acting, and an overall very interesting narrative of a young boy as he suddenly learns to put his survival instincts together with his intelligence to outlast the destructive nature of the pursuing war.

I found this movie here:

Ryan Coogler Is Directing Marvel’s Black Panther Movie

Ryan Coogler will be Marvel’s first black director as he undergoes the process of filming the upcoming Black Panther superhero movie. After directing “Creed” with Michael B Jordan & Sylvester Stallone, Coogler has gained some headway as a skilled movie director. I think it awesome to see more jobs like this outsourced to the black community and I think it’s a good fit for Black Panther. I’d definately like to see Marvel step up the ante’ in terms of production, being that I was somewhat turned off from the franchise once they released their (Ant Man) movie. I still have high hopes to see some more powerful superhero action movies come out and I can’t wait for a decent Static Shock film. Until then I can only stay hopeful.

For more info, watch this video from (Now This Entertainment).


Heiro Day 2014

Planet Zetox Enterprise Explained..

Planet Zetox has a new video, learn what we do hear and how we can shape the future together..

GQ I Don’t Like FREESTYLE (Lab Work Mixtape)

Checkout my bra GQ on this I Don’t Like freestyle gas sess. Off his upcoming mixtape Lab Work – Drops Sep. 24 – Be On The Lookout!

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