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Futuristic Bus Concept (China)



This looks like a futuristic alternative to rapid transport (bart/ train) than bus. Regardless, I like how it looks. It seems really practical and I feel like something like this should be a majorly considered implication due to the increasing populations in our major cities. Well-done China!

Read more here:

Futuristic Chinese Bus Concept | Autoblog Minute


The Fleye


The Fleye looks like an awesome new automaton (that’s an android like machine) which is spherical in-shape making it more stylish and practical than the modern drones we see today. Accepting donations to increase production of these “little-guys” is outsourced through “Kickstarter” (The world’s largest platform for creative projects). Although donations to Kickstarter ended in January 2016, this looks like something that can be revolutionized in the era of Go-Pro, and “do-it-yourselfers” who want an extra leg on photography and filming angles. I’m sure it can be used for many other practical features. The future is bright my friend! Take a look at the link below.