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Wild n’ Out Season 9 – June 8

Wild n’ Out comes back with a New Season 9 this June 8, 2017! So make sure before this Thursday you have your TiVo set to record the entire season!

I admit I was a little late to hop the Wild n’ Out series when it first got started, but since I’ve been watching, the Content, Cast, Jokes, Games and Celebrity Guest Stars have All gotten Considerably Better Each Season! I’m pretty sure everyone watches Wild n’ Out to see their Favorite Guest Stars crack jokes back and forth with the Talented Comedians and Participate in the “Wild Style” freestyle battles. Chance The Rapper is scheduled to Guest Star appearance the first episode! And it’s safe to say I’m really excited for Season 9!

Here’s a Vlog Vid of one of my Favorite Wild n’ Out Comedians Timothy DeLaGhetto a.k.a “Traphik,” that Helped me get Hyped for Season 9, if you weren’t already there! Pay attention..

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Help me pick a slap for the Remy Producers Series!

Hey guys,

I decided to enter in the Remy Producers Series Season 3 (West Coast Division) and I need your help!

The contest consists of a series of elimination beat battles & the winner gets some equipment, prizes, and gets to meet some Big music moguls.

For the preliminaries, they want (one) Party Track under 60seconds.

I had some throwaways I compiled together and I would like you to check them out and like All your favorites!

I have collectively 17 Tracks!

They each sound different.

& each one is under 60 seconds.

So if you have a cool free 15 mins or so to listen & like some cool party tracks, you’d be perfect!

I’ll enter The track with the most likes by this Friday!


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Thx and I appreciate you, always.


  • Jordan

Zendaya in SpiderMan: Homecoming


I didn’t know too much about this until just recently, but when I heard Zendaya was playing Mary Jane I was pretty astounded. Sony has announced that Marvel will be re-taking the spiderman franchize and introducing some new movies. Set to realease on July 7, 2017 the solo movie may give way for a whole new series of spiderman “re-makes,” and I use the term “re-makes” very looseley as I’m very much interested in a spider-man movie where they play to include other marvel characters. Not to mention Zendaya is playing the role of Mary Jane (even though I’d rather see her in a spandex super-suit) will sell me a ticket anyways!

If you want to read more check here:

Futuristic Bus Concept (China)



This looks like a futuristic alternative to rapid transport (bart/ train) than bus. Regardless, I like how it looks. It seems really practical and I feel like something like this should be a majorly considered implication due to the increasing populations in our major cities. Well-done China!

Read more here:

Futuristic Chinese Bus Concept | Autoblog Minute

Dragonball Super


If your a fan of DBZ like I am, I think you will appreciate this link to an anime site with minimal to zero ads, hosting DBZ Super uploads. These uploads happen weekly every Saturday or Sunday. Don’t miss out and bookmark this page!

Miami Heat (121), OKC Thunder (106)

Shoutouts Lebron, Dame Wade, chris Bosh and the rest of Miami Heat congrats on the win. I feel it was a good game and Durant also did his thang out there, he just needed some more help from his team ending at 32 points, 3 assists he did his job. But As much as I hate to say it they really blew OKC out the water winning 4 games straight and ending the 5th game of the finals series with a score of 121-106. You know South Beach is smackin tonight! Smh..

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Miami Defeats Oklahoma City for 2012 NBA Championship

E3 Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 is gonna be a good competetor for Halo 4 dropping a few days later in November. It looks like it has a Star Wars Battlefront type of feel for those real gamers :p. Checkout the vid compliments IGNEntertainment..


E3 Halo 4 Preview

Halo 4 is looking epic, just watch the vid.. compliments Reckless Tortuga

E3 Halo 4 Preview


Whitney Houston Dies at 48

R.I.P Whitney Houston