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Help me pick a slap for the Remy Producers Series!

Hey guys,

I decided to enter in the Remy Producers Series Season 3 (West Coast Division) and I need your help!

The contest consists of a series of elimination beat battles & the winner gets some equipment, prizes, and gets to meet some Big music moguls.

For the preliminaries, they want (one) Party Track under 60seconds.

I had some throwaways I compiled together and I would like you to check them out and like All your favorites!

I have collectively 17 Tracks!

They each sound different.

& each one is under 60 seconds.

So if you have a cool free 15 mins or so to listen & like some cool party tracks, you’d be perfect!

I’ll enter The track with the most likes by this Friday!


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Thx and I appreciate you, always.


  • Jordan

Mackey – East Meets West


Shoutouts! To my bro Mackey on his debut mixtape (East Meets West). Many months in the making and the result is awesomeness! Packed full of collaborations of cool sounds to send you to another realm of thought and feeling. Artwork done by yours truly @PlanetZetox, email us for inquries, and checkout this dope tape!

Download after tracklist:

\/  \/  \/

1. Number 1 Headband (Prod. Thiago)

2. Crazy 88 Feat. Thiago (Prod. Raisi K)

3. Sword Art (Prod. Killing Spree)

4. Hack (Prod. Killing Spree)

5. Just Don’t Die (Prod. Killing Spree)

6. Lucid Dream (Prod. Thiago)

7. Muramasa (Prod. Killing Spree)

8. O.G.K. (Prod. Killing Spree)

Download Here:

Mackey – East Meets West Mixtape

Young Dylly – Strawberry Fields (Stay Wide Awake)

Fresh sound, sampled from The Beatles – Strawberry Fields, checkout my bra new slap!

Poca J Ft. Squiddy Bo – 24/7

Checkout my girl Poca J holdin it down in her NEW single 24/7 Ft. Squiddy Bo

Be on the lookout for her [iLLusive MadNESS] Mixtape set to drop May 17


Life On The Other Side

Checkout my bro 2W from Hayward, he comes hard with sum true conventional rhymes  in the bay area progression movement. Laid on sum of the sickest original beats courtesy 2W, Bio-D, Mace, Kai Straw, Don Budd, & Pleasureplex. If you don’t have this in your itunes playlist you need to make that move and get with the program..

Download Below:

\/          \/           \/

2W: Life On The Other Side

Happy 4/20

Happy 4/20

What better way to celebrate than to roll sum up n bust sum flows wit your friends to these sickass beats. Enjoy

Download Here:

LooseLeaf: High Fidelity D/L

4 Hunnid Degreez

It’s been a minute since we heard from YG. Produced by DJ Mustard and Hosted by: DJ Ill Will & DJ Drama this 1 is sure to have some parties rockin and sum panties droppin! Check it out. D/L after tracklist:

1.400 Degreez (Intro)
2.I’ma Thug feat Meek Mill
3.Get Money & Fuck
4.Cali Living feat Dom Kennedy & Riko
5.Blunted feat Casey Veggies & Shitty
6.Gangbang feat TeeCee4800
7.I Like Head
8.Do It With My Tongue
9.Keenon Jackson feat TeeCee4800
10.Take Everything From Her
11.Mess Around feat Charley Hood
12.Yo Body
13.Go So Deep feat Ty$ & PC
14.She Don’t Love Me feat Ty$
15.Respect Her Hustle
16.Grindmode feat 2 Chainz & Nipsey Hussle
17.Too $hort feat Vell
18.Bitch Betta Have My Money feat Tyga & Kurupt
19.This Year
20.How To Make It In America feat Mac Miller
21.God Is My Witness feat Tanea
22.Westside 4 Fingaz feat Reem Rich & Riko

Download Here:

YG: “4 Hunnid Degreez”

Odd Future – OF Tape Vol.2

It’s been a long time since the release of the first Odd Future Compilation Tape, now a year later we are presented with the OF Tape Vol. 2 It goes down..

1. Hi.
2. Bitches (feat. Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats)
3. NY (Ned Flander) [feat. Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator]
4. Ya Know (feat. The Internet)
5. Forest Green (feat. Mike G)
6. Lean (feat. Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis)
7. Analog 2 (feat. Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean & Syd)
8. 50 (feat. MellowHype)
9. Snow White (feat. Hodgy Beats & Frank Ocean)
10. Rella (feat. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis & Tyler, The Creator)
11. Real Bitch (feat. MellowHype & Taco)
12. P (feat. Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator)
13. White (feat. Frank Ocean)
14. Hcapd (feat. Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator)
15. Sam (Is Dead) [feat. Domo Genesis & Tyler, The Creator]
16. Doms (feat. Domo Genesis)
17. We Got Bitches (feat. Tyler, The Creator, Taco & Jasper Dolphin)
18. Oldie (feat. Odd Future)

Download Here:

Odd Future – OF Tape Vol 2.

Sould Out

A fresh sound on the often uniform rap game. Sould Out is a young group from San Leandro, CA with a unique style and some smooth flows on their first LP “Sin Que & Soulife Are Sould Out.” Definately worth a listen, treat your eardrums..

D/L after tracklist..

  1. The Neighborhood
  2. Come IN
  3. Still Came Home
  4. Tortoise & The Hare
  5. Cracks In The Ceiling
  6. Train Track Flows
  7. Gaddammit
  8. Mission Statement (Heron’s Interlude)
  9. The Letter Ft. Shark
  10. To Be Continued..


Download Here:

Sould Out: Sin Que Soulife Are Sould Out