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Wild n’ Out Season 9 – June 8

Wild n’ Out comes back with a New Season 9 this June 8, 2017! So make sure before this Thursday you have your TiVo set to record the entire season!

I admit I was a little late to hop the Wild n’ Out series when it first got started, but since I’ve been watching, the Content, Cast, Jokes, Games and Celebrity Guest Stars have All gotten Considerably Better Each Season! I’m pretty sure everyone watches Wild n’ Out to see their Favorite Guest Stars crack jokes back and forth with the Talented Comedians and Participate in the “Wild Style” freestyle battles. Chance The Rapper is scheduled to Guest Star appearance the first episode! And it’s safe to say I’m really excited for Season 9!

Here’s a Vlog Vid of one of my Favorite Wild n’ Out Comedians Timothy DeLaGhetto a.k.a “Traphik,” that Helped me get Hyped for Season 9, if you weren’t already there! Pay attention..

More Wild n’ Out News Here!


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

Check this out, looks legit..

Help me pick a slap for the Remy Producers Series!

Hey guys,

I decided to enter in the Remy Producers Series Season 3 (West Coast Division) and I need your help!

The contest consists of a series of elimination beat battles & the winner gets some equipment, prizes, and gets to meet some Big music moguls.

For the preliminaries, they want (one) Party Track under 60seconds.

I had some throwaways I compiled together and I would like you to check them out and like All your favorites!

I have collectively 17 Tracks!

They each sound different.

& each one is under 60 seconds.

So if you have a cool free 15 mins or so to listen & like some cool party tracks, you’d be perfect!

I’ll enter The track with the most likes by this Friday!


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Thx and I appreciate you, always.


  • Jordan

Zendaya in SpiderMan: Homecoming


I didn’t know too much about this until just recently, but when I heard Zendaya was playing Mary Jane I was pretty astounded. Sony has announced that Marvel will be re-taking the spiderman franchize and introducing some new movies. Set to realease on July 7, 2017 the solo movie may give way for a whole new series of spiderman “re-makes,” and I use the term “re-makes” very looseley as I’m very much interested in a spider-man movie where they play to include other marvel characters. Not to mention Zendaya is playing the role of Mary Jane (even though I’d rather see her in a spandex super-suit) will sell me a ticket anyways!

If you want to read more check here:

Rurouni Kenshin Movie (Live-Action)


You all remember the old-school anime Rurouni Kenshin that used to run on Adult-Swim in the after 12 lineup?

Maybe not, you might have been asleep at the time. If you do remember Samurai Shamploo (another Adult-Swim samurai anime), then you may recall the somewhat less popular anime that beared some similarities.  Rurouni Kenshin from what I can recall is an anime about a samurai assassin who lost his memory, but not fighting skills. The series makes up of some seriously vivacious action packed sword battles in a feudal Japan setting. Although retaining a more serious and “gritty” tone, Rurouni Kenshin action scenes really packed a punch and stood out among other animes in what I like to call the “DBZ fanboy era.”

Well sleep no longer! Word has it that for the past year production for a live-action feature-length film has been underway. Check out the trailer!

Produced by Funimation, the feature-length movie(s) (3 installments) are set to open in the this and the next couple of months for a limited time!

Theatrical Dates

Movie 1 – Rurouni Kenshin: Origins – August 8, 9 & 10 (buy advance tickets now)
Movie 2 – Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno – Septmber 12, 13 & 14 (advance tickets coming soon)
Movie 3 – Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends – October 3, 4 & 5 (advance tickets coming soon)

Tickets for these showings are thankfully available locally at the Kabuki Theatre in San Francisco, so I’m very excited for that. If you would like to find out more info and purchase tickets follow the link below:

Funimation Films – Rurouni Kenshin Movie


Dragonball Super


If your a fan of DBZ like I am, I think you will appreciate this link to an anime site with minimal to zero ads, hosting DBZ Super uploads. These uploads happen weekly every Saturday or Sunday. Don’t miss out and bookmark this page!

Dragonball Z: Resurrection F



This movie seems to take a darker tone for a bit kinda similar to that of Afro Samurai. And as dope a series as Afro Samurai was, Resurrection F follows the evil henchmen of Frieza whom after years and years of floating around in space getting defeated by everyone without their once powerful leader Frieza, they go to earth in search of the dragonballs in order to resurrect their fallen leader. The movie makes about as little sense as any anime, especially for one of Dragonball Z’s caliber, so many things could have been done differently, Frieza could have been revived and left to take over the rest of the galaxy, he could’ve revived his father and brother King cold and Cooler, he could’ve wished to become stronger than Goku before deciding to take him on just recently after he’s reached a new level of super sayain. I mean Frieza had trouble with super sayian 1, now he wan’t to be revived and all of a sudden believes he can take on a newly realized super sayain god Goku & Vegeta? It’s just hard for me to believe this movie is anything but a filler movie just to revive lfie in the dragonball z fans, which it definitely did for me. If your a DBZ fan and haven’t seen this movie yet, check it out via the link below.

Dragonball Z: Battle of gods



I know a lot of people fell out of love with dragon ball z, or just didn’t know where to pickup. In the somewhat out of order context we are presented the Dragonball Z series in the US, it is very easy to get mixed up, much like with the Star Wars films, with all the planets and universes, you can easily get lost in space and time. The dragonball Z universe has not been asleep. It’s quietly been developing on the back burner of Naruto and other anime. Even more newly updated than their TV series, we get like 2 new DBZ games every year just about, although none of these new iterations compare to the button-mash love of the Budokai series. But, we do have a newly releases DBZ: Xenoverse to look at. Although I don’t find myself as a huge lover of anime, though incredible as the artwork sometimes is, and after incoherently being sucked into the Naruto universe, I still have a hard time seeing any of these shows drawing that element of awesome as DBZ did for me as a child. I remember coming home from school everyday to catch DBZ on Toonami at 5:30. It became part of my daily routine! But enough reminiscing, The new Dragonball Z: Battle of gods movie which is directly related to the Xenoverse video game (good timing!), has added a new element to the DBZ world. Without revealing too many spoilers, the artwork is totally revamped. if you think that makes for betetr fight scenes your correct! And although I can go without the newly added 3d animation frames which only last about 5 seconds, but nonetheless the original action and awesome fight scenes are still intact. You can expect to learn more about the saiyan race and what has became of the citizens of earth following the Majin buu saga. If your anything like me you may have caught a few Dragonball GT episodes that add a bit of confusion to the timeline. “GT” is located in the future, so the newly released “Battle of gods” is a filler movie to kinda close that timeline gap and fill us in on where everyone’s been and what everyone’s doing. I rate this DBZ film a solid 4 and recommend it to any die-hard DBZ fans out there.

Below I’ve included a link if you haven’t seen it yet.


The Revenant – Review



The Revenant was a nice movie for me. It lacked a lot of different aspects of civil war that didn’t really make sense to me sometimes. I’m pretty sure in the history of cowboy western movies, the factions with the guns although outnumbered by Native Americans, rarely cower and retreat to their barracks in many cases. I can recall a scene where an Indian chieftain upon presenting fur pelts to the french battalion. Although they were denied of the horses they expected to receive, they we’re offered guns, but did not take any. I imagine these would have greatly aided in liberating more of the Native American’s homelands but this was only an aspect that could have been. This movie is very dirty and gritty, I often wonder how the characters survived in freezing cold waters, rain storms, with soggy drenched clothing. Living conditions seemed unfathomable and generally unrealistic.Despite some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s racist roles, I commend him for his role in the Reverent. Pitted against all, including his own battalion at a point struggles to survive and spare the memory of his Native American wife and son. A classy display of miscommunications and misconduct in an era where the telephone didn’t exist, coupled with truly awesomely choreographed fight scenes, (some of the best since the movie “300” in 2007), in my opinion. (Despite the bear fight which looked terribly unrealistic), this was an excellent movie, and I would recommend it to anyone that likes that lone-wolf sense of adventure type genre. There are alot of moments that will have you clinging to the edge of your seat and at 2 hours and 30 minutes of playtime, it’s just long enough to satisfy your craving for justice while omitting you to want more as the credits begin to roll.

50 Shades of Black – Review


1 and a half stars

Just saw the Wayans brother’s “50 Shades of Gray” parody last night and I was not impressed. I mean at all, I wouldn’t even call this movie funny. I doubt there will every be another Wayan’s brothers movie that produces for me that gut wrenching laughter that makes your cheek muscles ache, as their late “Don’t Be a Menace In South Central.” Labeled as a comedy, this movie only made me laugh about a total of 4 times in the whole hour and 30 minute progression. Speaking of progression this movie was relevantly painful to watch. There was really no clear directive to any of the characters in the movie. It was just some people set in a place and this is how they discordantly operate with each other. Like any parody, they possessed some up to date mentions of events going on to add a sense of time. They joked on the death of Osama Bin Laden and in-sighted stabs at Kevin Hart’s movie career. Which was ironic for me, because although I haven’t seen ride along 2 yet, (and I’m still debating whether or not I will see it), I think I would’ve enjoyed watching Kevin Hart and Ice Cube more. Really, whether it be the poorly colored “The Weeknd parody character,” (weekday) or Mike Epp’s dry, insensibly boring, seems like he retired from funny (scenes), I think this movie deserves 1 and a half stars. The jokes were just clever enough to keep you thinking twice about making the walk from your seat to customer service for a $5 refund. I wouldn’t recommend watching this movie with any family members as it’s just really inappropriate and distasteful. Watch it at your own discretion when the kids are in class, and don’t spend more than $5 on it and you’ll be able to sleep at night.

Below here’s a link to an interview Marlon did with the Huffington Post about Oscars, I think it was a nice redemption shot, especially considering how distasteful his movie was for me. Definitely worth watching the 2-minute interview. You go make better movies Marlon!