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Wild n’ Out Season 9 – June 8

Wild n’ Out comes back with a New Season 9 this June 8, 2017! So make sure before this Thursday you have your TiVo set to record the entire season!

I admit I was a little late to hop the Wild n’ Out series when it first got started, but since I’ve been watching, the Content, Cast, Jokes, Games and Celebrity Guest Stars have All gotten Considerably Better Each Season! I’m pretty sure everyone watches Wild n’ Out to see their Favorite Guest Stars crack jokes back and forth with the Talented Comedians and Participate in the “Wild Style” freestyle battles. Chance The Rapper is scheduled to Guest Star appearance the first episode! And it’s safe to say I’m really excited for Season 9!

Here’s a Vlog Vid of one of my Favorite Wild n’ Out Comedians Timothy DeLaGhetto a.k.a “Traphik,” that Helped me get Hyped for Season 9, if you weren’t already there! Pay attention..

More Wild n’ Out News Here!


New Shooter this Summer


For an unfinished game it looks really clean and entertaining. I havn’t been excited for a shooter since Black Ops 2, but Battlegrounds brings together a bunch of clever clean game elements I think would be really enjoyable. Developers Bluehole Studio bring together just the right amount of realism while drawing that fun factor thats hard to find in alot of games today. Gameplay looks like a mix of Call of Duty quickness, Battlefield realistic elements, Halo vehicle warfare, GTA open map style, Fallout scavenging aspect, and a Gears of War third person which is switcheable to a first person aim when using weapon sights.

Sporting a unique gameplay with modes facing nearly 100 other players! This looks like an Epic free for all and team based battle royale sanbox. I’m still looking for the longevity factor that’ll ultimately seal the deal for me such as like world leaderboard ratings and acclimations, but this definately looks like a cool pickup and play game for those with busy lifestyles.



The bad: I would like to see more environmental damage, maybe bigger vehicles, more maps and game modes which are coming soon.

Until I get an extra $5K and build an acceptable PC, I’ll have to wait for the console drop of this game. But, I definately plan on adding it to my library.

Word travels that the new PC shooter, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is hitting consoles this Summer 2017! Making a ncie 11M in the first few days of realase, the unfinished game will be updating with a slew of new maps and modes. For those new to the name of the title, PU’s Battlegrounds is a new third/first person shooter that came out late March I believe for PC. It is currently sells for $30 given you have the right PC requirnments (A $1K build PC can run minimum requirnments). You can find it here:

Bluehole Studio: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ($30)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

Check this out, looks legit..

Nintendo Heat Pack

Help me pick a slap for the Remy Producers Series!

Hey guys,

I decided to enter in the Remy Producers Series Season 3 (West Coast Division) and I need your help!

The contest consists of a series of elimination beat battles & the winner gets some equipment, prizes, and gets to meet some Big music moguls.

For the preliminaries, they want (one) Party Track under 60seconds.

I had some throwaways I compiled together and I would like you to check them out and like All your favorites!

I have collectively 17 Tracks!

They each sound different.

& each one is under 60 seconds.

So if you have a cool free 15 mins or so to listen & like some cool party tracks, you’d be perfect!

I’ll enter The track with the most likes by this Friday!


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Thx and I appreciate you, always.


  • Jordan

~ Day 2 ~


First day on my new personal fitness challenge, Sub me on YouTube and follow my journey!

Zendaya in SpiderMan: Homecoming


I didn’t know too much about this until just recently, but when I heard Zendaya was playing Mary Jane I was pretty astounded. Sony has announced that Marvel will be re-taking the spiderman franchize and introducing some new movies. Set to realease on July 7, 2017 the solo movie may give way for a whole new series of spiderman “re-makes,” and I use the term “re-makes” very looseley as I’m very much interested in a spider-man movie where they play to include other marvel characters. Not to mention Zendaya is playing the role of Mary Jane (even though I’d rather see her in a spandex super-suit) will sell me a ticket anyways!

If you want to read more check here:

New Fitness & Health Channel on YouTube!

I would like to introduce you to my new fitness channel on YouTube. I’m going to be covering all sorts of new health discoveries and topics to help you get in shape this summer! Check it Out!

Rurouni Kenshin Movie (Live-Action)


You all remember the old-school anime Rurouni Kenshin that used to run on Adult-Swim in the after 12 lineup?

Maybe not, you might have been asleep at the time. If you do remember Samurai Shamploo (another Adult-Swim samurai anime), then you may recall the somewhat less popular anime that beared some similarities.  Rurouni Kenshin from what I can recall is an anime about a samurai assassin who lost his memory, but not fighting skills. The series makes up of some seriously vivacious action packed sword battles in a feudal Japan setting. Although retaining a more serious and “gritty” tone, Rurouni Kenshin action scenes really packed a punch and stood out among other animes in what I like to call the “DBZ fanboy era.”

Well sleep no longer! Word has it that for the past year production for a live-action feature-length film has been underway. Check out the trailer!

Produced by Funimation, the feature-length movie(s) (3 installments) are set to open in the this and the next couple of months for a limited time!

Theatrical Dates

Movie 1 – Rurouni Kenshin: Origins – August 8, 9 & 10 (buy advance tickets now)
Movie 2 – Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno – Septmber 12, 13 & 14 (advance tickets coming soon)
Movie 3 – Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends – October 3, 4 & 5 (advance tickets coming soon)

Tickets for these showings are thankfully available locally at the Kabuki Theatre in San Francisco, so I’m very excited for that. If you would like to find out more info and purchase tickets follow the link below:

Funimation Films – Rurouni Kenshin Movie