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New Shooter this Summer


For an unfinished game it looks really clean and entertaining. I havn’t been excited for a shooter since Black Ops 2, but Battlegrounds brings together a bunch of clever clean game elements I think would be really enjoyable. Developers Bluehole Studio bring together just the right amount of realism while drawing that fun factor thats hard to find in alot of games today. Gameplay looks like a mix of Call of Duty quickness, Battlefield realistic elements, Halo vehicle warfare, GTA open map style, Fallout scavenging aspect, and a Gears of War third person which is switcheable to a first person aim when using weapon sights.

Sporting a unique gameplay with modes facing nearly 100 other players! This looks like an Epic free for all and team based battle royale sanbox. I’m still looking for the longevity factor that’ll ultimately seal the deal for me such as like world leaderboard ratings and acclimations, but this definately looks like a cool pickup and play game for those with busy lifestyles.



The bad: I would like to see more environmental damage, maybe bigger vehicles, more maps and game modes which are coming soon.

Until I get an extra $5K and build an acceptable PC, I’ll have to wait for the console drop of this game. But, I definately plan on adding it to my library.

Word travels that the new PC shooter, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is hitting consoles this Summer 2017! Making a ncie 11M in the first few days of realase, the unfinished game will be updating with a slew of new maps and modes. For those new to the name of the title, PU’s Battlegrounds is a new third/first person shooter that came out late March I believe for PC. It is currently sells for $30 given you have the right PC requirnments (A $1K build PC can run minimum requirnments). You can find it here:

Bluehole Studio: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ($30)