The Revenant – Review



The Revenant was a nice movie for me. It lacked a lot of different aspects of civil war that didn’t really make sense to me sometimes. I’m pretty sure in the history of cowboy western movies, the factions with the guns although outnumbered by Native Americans, rarely cower and retreat to their barracks in many cases. I can recall a scene where an Indian chieftain upon presenting fur pelts to the french battalion. Although they were denied of the horses they expected to receive, they we’re offered guns, but did not take any. I imagine these would have greatly aided in liberating more of the Native American’s homelands but this was only an aspect that could have been. This movie is very dirty and gritty, I often wonder how the characters survived in freezing cold waters, rain storms, with soggy drenched clothing. Living conditions seemed unfathomable and generally unrealistic.Despite some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s racist roles, I commend him for his role in the Reverent. Pitted against all, including his own battalion at a point struggles to survive and spare the memory of his Native American wife and son. A classy display of miscommunications and misconduct in an era where the telephone didn’t exist, coupled with truly awesomely choreographed fight scenes, (some of the best since the movie “300” in 2007), in my opinion. (Despite the bear fight which looked terribly unrealistic), this was an excellent movie, and I would recommend it to anyone that likes that lone-wolf sense of adventure type genre. There are alot of moments that will have you clinging to the edge of your seat and at 2 hours and 30 minutes of playtime, it’s just long enough to satisfy your craving for justice while omitting you to want more as the credits begin to roll.


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