Dragonball Z: Resurrection F



This movie seems to take a darker tone for a bit kinda similar to that of Afro Samurai. And as dope a series as Afro Samurai was, Resurrection F follows the evil henchmen of Frieza whom after years and years of floating around in space getting defeated by everyone without their once powerful leader Frieza, they go to earth in search of the dragonballs in order to resurrect their fallen leader. The movie makes about as little sense as any anime, especially for one of Dragonball Z’s caliber, so many things could have been done differently, Frieza could have been revived and left to take over the rest of the galaxy, he could’ve revived his father and brother King cold and Cooler, he could’ve wished to become stronger than Goku before deciding to take him on just recently after he’s reached a new level of super sayain. I mean Frieza had trouble with super sayian 1, now he wan’t to be revived and all of a sudden believes he can take on a newly realized super sayain god Goku & Vegeta? It’s just hard for me to believe this movie is anything but a filler movie just to revive lfie in the dragonball z fans, which it definitely did for me. If your a DBZ fan and haven’t seen this movie yet, check it out via the link below.



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