Dragonball Z: Battle of gods



I know a lot of people fell out of love with dragon ball z, or just didn’t know where to pickup. In the somewhat out of order context we are presented the Dragonball Z series in the US, it is very easy to get mixed up, much like with the Star Wars films, with all the planets and universes, you can easily get lost in space and time. The dragonball Z universe has not been asleep. It’s quietly been developing on the back burner of Naruto and other anime. Even more newly updated than their TV series, we get like 2 new DBZ games every year just about, although none of these new iterations compare to the button-mash love of the Budokai series. But, we do have a newly releases DBZ: Xenoverse to look at. Although I don’t find myself as a huge lover of anime, though incredible as the artwork sometimes is, and after incoherently being sucked into the Naruto universe, I still have a hard time seeing any of these shows drawing that element of awesome as DBZ did for me as a child. I remember coming home from school everyday to catch DBZ on Toonami at 5:30. It became part of my daily routine! But enough reminiscing, The new Dragonball Z: Battle of gods movie which is directly related to the Xenoverse video game (good timing!), has added a new element to the DBZ world. Without revealing too many spoilers, the artwork is totally revamped. if you think that makes for betetr fight scenes your correct! And although I can go without the newly added 3d animation frames which only last about 5 seconds, but nonetheless the original action and awesome fight scenes are still intact. You can expect to learn more about the saiyan race and what has became of the citizens of earth following the Majin buu saga. If your anything like me you may have caught a few Dragonball GT episodes that add a bit of confusion to the timeline. “GT” is located in the future, so the newly released “Battle of gods” is a filler movie to kinda close that timeline gap and fill us in on where everyone’s been and what everyone’s doing. I rate this DBZ film a solid 4 and recommend it to any die-hard DBZ fans out there.

Below I’ve included a link if you haven’t seen it yet.




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