50 Shades of Black – Review


1 and a half stars

Just saw the Wayans brother’s “50 Shades of Gray” parody last night and I was not impressed. I mean at all, I wouldn’t even call this movie funny. I doubt there will every be another Wayan’s brothers movie that produces for me that gut wrenching laughter that makes your cheek muscles ache, as their late “Don’t Be a Menace In South Central.” Labeled as a comedy, this movie only made me laugh about a total of 4 times in the whole hour and 30 minute progression. Speaking of progression this movie was relevantly painful to watch. There was really no clear directive to any of the characters in the movie. It was just some people set in a place and this is how they discordantly operate with each other. Like any parody, they possessed some up to date mentions of events going on to add a sense of time. They joked on the death of Osama Bin Laden and in-sighted stabs at Kevin Hart’s movie career. Which was ironic for me, because although I haven’t seen ride along 2 yet, (and I’m still debating whether or not I will see it), I think I would’ve enjoyed watching Kevin Hart and Ice Cube more. Really, whether it be the poorly colored “The Weeknd parody character,” (weekday) or Mike Epp’s dry, insensibly boring, seems like he retired from funny (scenes), I think this movie deserves 1 and a half stars. The jokes were just clever enough to keep you thinking twice about making the walk from your seat to customer service for a $5 refund. I wouldn’t recommend watching this movie with any family members as it’s just really inappropriate and distasteful. Watch it at your own discretion when the kids are in class, and don’t spend more than $5 on it and you’ll be able to sleep at night.

Below here’s a link to an interview Marlon did with the Huffington Post about Oscars, I think it was a nice redemption shot, especially considering how distasteful his movie was for me. Definitely worth watching the 2-minute interview. You go make better movies Marlon!



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