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MegaMan X Finale Pt. 3 (T-REZ) SNES

Enjoy. 🙂

MegaMan X Finale Pt.2 (Rangda Bangda) SNES

Beginning of the end pt.3

Miami Heat (121), OKC Thunder (106)

Shoutouts Lebron, Dame Wade, chris Bosh and the rest of Miami Heat congrats on the win. I feel it was a good game and Durant also did his thang out there, he just needed some more help from his team ending at 32 points, 3 assists he did his job. But As much as I hate to say it they really blew OKC out the water winning 4 games straight and ending the 5th game of the finals series with a score of 121-106. You know South Beach is smackin tonight! Smh..

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Miami Defeats Oklahoma City for 2012 NBA Championship

MegaMan X Finale Pt.1 (Vile & BoSpider)

Beginning of the end..

MegaMan X Pt. 10 (Hadouken Unlock!)

took a break from the monotonous boss killing to unlock the Hadouken Easter Egg..

MegaMan X Pt.9 (Flame Mammoth) SNES

9th installment of Megaman X, enjoy!

MegaMan X Pt. 8 (Storms Eagle) SNES

8th installment this dude Mackey dropped thru so we had to do the collabo on the walkthrough 1 time!

MegaMan X Pt.7 (Sting Chameleon)

Episode 7

MegaMan X Pt.6 (Boomer Kuwanger)

Episode 6

MegaMan X Pt.5 (Launch Octopus)