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Black Ops 2

IDK about you guys, but for me Call of Duty ranks up there among one of the best representations of a first-person shooter. Which is alot to say since most people first got turned on to the genre back with James Bond: GoldenEye on PS2 (Yea I know about them throwbacks). Infinity Ward working beside Treyarch has been a match made in videogame paradise! As we have come to learn the two producers currently switch off on rights to produce COD games. Modern Warfare 3 is the latest installment which dropped back in November, which means for the next COD installment will be dealt with by Treyarch. This is big news for players like myself that fell in love with the “Nazi Zombies” element that was dropped in COD World At War. Zombies made a return in Black Ops and was better than ever, with plenty of additions. Featuring guest characters, new alien weapons, and the moon map left me feeling like I was playing a over-the-top zombied-out version of Halo! We can only expect Black Ops 2 to feature the same Zombie Mode with further additions. I personally found myself playing countless hours of Zombies as opposed to traditional multiplayer as a breath of fresh air from the monotonous multiplayer game modes. But in the most part we can expect Black Ops 2 to make a big splash when it is released most likely this Holiday Season! (DJ Holiday voice). So far we have an advertisement that suggests the first preview of a Black Ops 2 advertisement will run on May 1st during playoffs. So stay tuned and GO BULLS!

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Black Ops 2 Spoiler

Happy 4/20

Happy 4/20

What better way to celebrate than to roll sum up n bust sum flows wit your friends to these sickass beats. Enjoy

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LooseLeaf: High Fidelity D/L