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Curren$y & Styles P: The1st28 EP

This is gonna be epic! I’m and avid Spitta and Styles P. fan so you kno when they get together for a new project it’s something to talk about. It’s called “#The1st28.” Initially, the two artists got together to work on material and songs for each other’s respective projects. From those studio sessions, #The1st28 EP was born. Includes features from Daz Dilinger, Deelow & Fiend. Download after tracklist, check it out..

  1. Go (Ft. Daz Dilinger)
  2. Billions (Ft. Deelow)
  3. Rule Book
  4. Jekell N Hyde
  5. Lean (Ft. Fiend)


Curren$y & Styles P. – #The1st28

ATL Wedding

Shoutouts to my cousin Cherise, congrats on the marriage! Here are some shots I took, srry their out of order.

Black History Month + ATL

This past weekend took a trip to ATL with pops to attend my cousin Cherise’s wedding. It was my first time being out there, so we happened to do some sight seeing as well. ATL was live with music, and a generally different culture than we have come accustomed to in Cali. It’s black history month, so I figure I should work on my Black History knowledge while in ATL. We came upon many historic landmarks including MLK’s home and church he used to preach at. Nonetheless I had a good time and got sum nice pics, check em out..

Best Thing Since The Gameboy

Today marks a great day in history. The PS Vita has officially been released! Complete with 3G connectivity, fully-functional touch screen, dual analog sticks. All it’s missing is a cell phone option and it just might have kill the Iphone lol! (Isn’t it sexy?)

More Info Here:

PS Vita Info


Nilla P – No Hommies (Prod. LooseLeaf)

Rise of The Last King

Tyga Drops “Careless World: Rise of The Last King” today. The album showcases 21 records with features from Pharrell, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Wale, Nas, J. Cole and more..

D/L after tracklist

  1. Careless World
  2. Lil Home f. Pharrell
  3. Muthafu*ka Up f. Nicki Minaj
  4. Echoes Interlude
  5. Do It All
  6. I’m Gone f. Big Sean
  7. For The Fame f. Chris Brown & Wynter Gordon
  8. Birdman Interlude
  9. Potty Mouth f. Busta Rhymes
  10. Faded f. Lil Wayne
  11. Rack City
  12. Black Crowns
  13. Celebration f. T-Pain
  14. Far Away f. Chris Richardson
  15. Mystik aka Mado Kara Mieru Interlude
  16. This Is Like f. Robin Thicke
  17. Kings & Queens f. Wale & Nas
  18. Let It Show f. J. Cole
  19. Love Game
  20. Lay You Down f. Lil Wayne
  21. Light Dreams f. Marsha Ambrosius


Tyga – “Careless World: Rise of The Last King”

PS Vita release on February, 22 2012!!

Everyone is looking forward to the new Playstation Portable called the “PS Vita.” There’s gonna be alot of new features on it. Playstations 3 games will be playable on the PS Vita. 2 analog sticks just like the PS3 controller, and the return home button is on the lower left side of the vita. Be on the lookout for this new device we’re awaiting for!


See more info here:

Whitney Houston Sunrise – Sunset (1963 – 2012)

Great actress, producer and recording actress. R.I.P Whitney, we love your music.

A wonderful actress, recording artist, and producer. We all miss you Whitney!
R.I.P. (1963 – 2012)

Happy Valentines

After Much Anticipation LooseLeaf drops, Hope Things Get Better (Arguments With Tiffany)

Happy Valentines Day From: LooseLeaf

Download after the tracklist:

  1. Intro
  2. Arguments W/ Tiffany (Round 1)
  3. That Girl I See Sometimes
  4. On D. Brink
  5. Happy Valentine
  6. Pre-Class Quickie
  7. That Girl I See Sometimes Has Competition
  8. Arguments W/ Tiffany (Round 2 )
  9. Got Trees?
  10. Higher Than Mars (Smoke Break) Interlude
  11. Drop Bombs
  12. My Personal Pornstar
  13. Arguments W/ Tiffany (Round 3)
  14. End of The Day
  15. Outro

D/L below:

Alternate D/L:

Whitney Houston Dies at 48

R.I.P Whitney Houston